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Equitable Practices Commitment

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Cooperative Contingent of Concerned World Citizens

“Everyone should be Prepared, and no one should be excluded.”

The purpose of this page is to recognize the importance of equitable treatment and practices in a world plagued by systemic discrimination.

At C⁴, it is our ultimate goal to increase awareness and spur preparedness in our members worldwide. Unfortunately, there exists a definite bias and problematic stereotypes when it comes to the topic of disaster preparedness, especially with the current political climate.

C⁴ prefers not to associate with the term “prepper”, due to the surrounding violent separationist stereotype.

C⁴ commits to its values as an apolitical community.

Upon joining our organization, our members agree to abstain from political commentary, as this causes unnecessarily hostile behavior and societal friction.

At C⁴, We believe that being empathetic and understanding of the struggles of others, whether historical or current, is a non partisan value. We believe that everyone should encourage themselves and their peers to acknowledge these struggles and become educated about them.

At C⁴, we believe that everyone should take action to make the world an equitable place for everyone. We believe that everyone has the ability to take the first steps.

As an organization, we take steps to encourage our members to align with these values.

Upon joining our organization’s Discord Server, our members must agree to the non-discrimination policy and rulebook below.

The definitions of terms and ideas mentioned here are up to the Administration to decide upon. There will be no debate permitted

This a strictly moderated server, and rules will be enforced.

Absolutely NO: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or Xenophobia. Use of any slurs or posting of any material depicting hateful imagery or symbolism will result in an instant ban without appeal. The definition of these terms is up to the discretion of the Administrators.

There will be NO discussion or debate.

C⁴ is a safe space for all. There is no room here for hate, and there will be no exceptions.

If you feel targetted or you feel that another member is being targetted with hate, please let a C⁴ officer know immediately, and we will make sure the situation is handled appropriately.

  • Please do not bring Political discussion into this server.

C⁴ is a Non-Partism organization. Political discussion or debate is unwelcome, and it causes unnecessary friction. Leave your political beliefs at the door.

1 instance will result in a warning.

Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action leading up from a loss of chat privileges and a voice mute to a permanent ban.

  • Be civil in chat and in voice channels, and stay on topic.

No spam, no use of voice chat macros (such as soundboards), no volume abuse (such as increased microphone gain with the intent to annoy), and no embed abuse (eg. spamming tenor gifs or embedding off-topic images such as memes in #general).

1 instance will result in a warning.

Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action leading up from a loss of chat privileges and a voice mute, to a permanent ban.

Any Breaches in the Terms of Service of Discord will result in an immediate permanent ban without the possibility of appeal.

Discord’s Terms of Service can be reviewed here:


If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please feel free to DM myself (Yachtman24) or Keough (Keough99).

Rules are Subject to change without Notice.

Copied Directly from C⁴’s community Discord Server. Formatting has been Altered for webpage compatibility.

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