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Cooperative Contingent of Concerned World Citizens

“Everyone should be Prepared, and no one should be excluded.”


Who/What is C⁴, and What does it stand for?


C⁴ stands for Cooperative Contigent of Concerned World Citizens. We are a West-Coast USA-based Bi-Partisan and apolitical community of individuals that are interested in keeping track of the world around them. Our administration team keeps a watchful eye on events like natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or civil unrest, and subsequently informs the C⁴ community through our official Discord Server if it becomes apparent that the events in question may directly affect its members.

Here at C⁴, we believe that everyone should be prepared for events such as these, and nobody should be excluded.


What does “Current Alert Status” refer to?


The C⁴ Alert Status Scales are general scales that can be used to determine how much an event, disaster, or multiple events or disasters have the potential to disrupt the everyday health and well-being of a population.

For more information, please visit our Services Page.


Where can I learn more about how to prepare for different disasters?


The C⁴ Team has compiled a comprehensive library of readily available, useful information, which can be found on our official Discord server. We are also planning virtual training events and discussions for the near future, so stay tuned!

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