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Cooperative Contingent of Concerned World Citizens

“Everyone should be Prepared, and no one should be excluded.”

About Us:

C⁴ a Non-Partisan, apolitical, and unregistered organization of individuals with an interest in preparing for world-altering disasters.

Our all-volunteer team is committed to providing accurate vital information and ample warning before, during, and after large scale emergency scenarios. We actively monitor worldwide and local events to predict if and when a tragedy may occur, and provide a comprehensive standard for disaster readiness using the C⁴ Alert Status Scales.

We welcome people from all denominations of race, ethnicity, culture, age, faith, gender or sexual orientation and financial status to join us in our effort to inform the general population of threats to health, wellbeing, liberty, lifestyle and property. To read more about our Equitable Practices Commitment, click here.

Thank you for your interest in our Movement.

Affiliation Disclaimer:

C⁴ is not affiliated with any government, corporation, or other organization. We are an unregistered, non-profit, apolitical organization.

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